Triton Esports Competitors for the Latte Esports Valorant Summer Series 2021: John Paul "Jrizzy" Tamayo, Gavin "Mango" Mangosong, Phillip "Que" Quenga, Team Captain An "Akursa" Truong, and Daniel "Chobo" Lee

Triton Esports team wins first Valorant title for UOG


Triton Esports has claimed its first Valorant title for the University of Guam in the Latte Esports Valorant Summer Series 2021. The Tritons competed with five other teams over the two-month competition, securing their final victory of 2-1 over Team Rush earlier this month. 

“It was the drive from the players and me to really want this win,” said Will Hong, Valorant coach for Triton Esports.

The tournament format for the first-person shooter game had two parts: 10 rounds of double round-robin play and then a single-elimination playoff for the top four teams. 

The Tritons beat out the competition during the double round-robin matches ending with a 9-1 record, losing only to team Kolab Koalas. 

In the playoffs, the Tritons secured a win against team Immunity to advance to the final match against Team Rush, who beat out Kolab Koalas. Both teams overcame the tension of the final day and came prepared to give it their all.  

Debating between their two strongest map picks of Haven or Ascent, the Tritons ended up picking Haven for Match 1. UOG was able to secure the match 13-8.

Team Rush chose Icebox as the next map. Rush’s team captain, Lance “JEHEX” Kettenacker, did not hold back as he commandeered Rush to a quick victory to even the set 13-6. 

“On the final day of the tournament, the energy was on fire,” Truong said. “The atmosphere was unbelievable.”

Match 3 was played on the Bind map. Knowing it was one of the weakest maps for their athletes, the Tritons had spent extra time on it during practice. Their dedication paid off as they secured the final round with a 7-3 win. 

“The team did a great job throughout the whole series. We had routinely practiced together, and that was able to grow our chemistry and communications,” Truong said. “Each of the team members had put in their own time to improve and learn better ways to play the game.”