Teamfight Tactics | Rainbow Six Siege | Call of Duty Mobile
13th November 2021
Prize Pool
Play Mode

About The Tournament

LUCK N’ LOAD is an island-wide series of weekend tournaments featuring Teamfight Tactics, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Call of Duty Mobile. Tournaments are open to the public with FREE registration and feature $1,000+ in prizes each day! Register your teams at the links below and be sure to join us on Discord, Instagram, and Twitch for the latest updates!

Date: November 13, 2021 at 1:00 PM ChST
Team Size: 1 person
Platform: PC & Mobile
Tournament Type: Swiss
Registration: Free & open to all!*
Server: NA


*at least one member of each team must currently reside in Guam or CNMI

Rules and Regulations
Due to CO-OP TFT remaining in PBE, this tournament will move forward as a solos event. Teams that already signed up as two will compete individually.
  • Be online in Discord no later than 12:30pm.
  • Join the appropriate Discord voice-room/channel for information and coordination.
  • Be in the in-client match lobby at the scheduled time. Grace period of 15 minutes.
  • 3 games per lobby.
  • Points will be allocated as follows:
    • 1st place – 10 points
    • 2nd place – 8 points
    • 3rd place – 6 points
    • 4th place – 5 points
    • 5th place – 4 points
    • 6th place – 3 points
    • 7th place – 2 points
    • 8th place – 1 point
  • After a lobby has played three games, the total earned points are tallied, and the highest-earning team advances. (Remaining health at the end of each game will also be tracked to settle ties.)

Date: November 20, 2021 at 1:00 PM ChST
Team Size: 5 people
Platform: PC only
Tournament Type: Swiss
Registration: Free & open to all!*
Server: Local Custom VPN


*at least one member of each team must currently reside in Guam or CNMI

Rules and Regulations
  • Team Captains will need to be in the lobby and discord by 12:30 pm or earlier to set up the custom game and invite their teammates and the opposing team
  • Official Start Time: 1 pm (players will be given a 15min Grace period)
  • The top seed will host the match and will most likely be streamed.
  • All teams are required to be able to host the game using the rule settings below.
  • A judge will spectate the rules to make sure that the rules are correct
  • Current Ranked Map Rotation: Bank, Border, Chalet, Clubhouse, Coastline, Consulate, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal, Oregon, Skyscraper, Theme Park, Villa.
  • Maps will be chosen at random by @isdadoughboy. All seeds will play the same map.
  • Maps won’t be played back to back. In the event a map is chosen again, it will be rerolled.
  • Server Type: Dedicated Server (WUS)
  • Voice Chat: Team Only
  • Time of the Day: Day/Night
  • HUD Settings: Normal
  • Match settings:
    • Banning
      • Number of Bans: 4
      • Ban Timer: 20
    • Rounds
      • Number of Rounds: 6
      • Attacker/Defender role swap: 3
      • Overtime: 3 Rounds
      • Overtime score difference: 2
      • Overtime role change: 1
      • Objective Rotation Parameter: 3
      • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds won
      • Attacker Unique Spawn: On
      • Pick Phase timer: 30
      • 6th Pick Phase: Off
    • Health & Damage
      • Damage handicap: 100
      • Friendly fire damage: 100
      • Reverse Friendly Fire: Off
      • Injured: 20
    • Character Control
      • Sprint: On
      • Lean: On
      • Death Replay: On
  • Game Mode: Bomb
  • Game Mode Settings:
    • Bomb Parameters
      • Plant duration: 7
      • Defuse duration: 7
      • Fuse Time: 45
      • Defuser Carrier Selection: On
    • Phases:
      • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
      • Action Phase Duration: 180
  • Match Options:
    • Map: Pre selected by announcer randomization
    • Bans: Nothing selected
    • Teams Starting Match as Attackers: Blue Team
    • Top Seed is Blue Team
    • First Team on Attack during Overtime: Random
    • Custom Team Names: On
    • Add Round History: Nothing Selected

Date: November 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM ChST
Team Size: 5 people
Platform: Mobile (iOS & Android only. No BlueStacks or GameLoop emulator).
Tournament Type: Single-Elimination
Registration: Free & open to all!*


*at least one member of each team must currently reside in Guam or CNMI

Rules and Regulations
  • Single-Elimination games
  • Each game will consist of a best of 3 round
    • Round 1: Domination
    • Round 2: Search and Destroy
    • Round 3 (if necessary): Hardpoint
  • Standoff
  • Firing Range
  • Raid
  • Domination
    • 1 round
    • 300 seconds
    • Capture Point 150 per half (300 Total)
    • Team 1 will choose map
  • Search and Destroy
    • 1 round
    • 300 seconds
    • Game to 6
    • Team 2 will choose map
  • Hardpoint
    • 1 round
    • 300 seconds
    • Capture Point 250
    • Team 1 will choose map for final game
  • Beginning the Match
    • Team Captains must be present in Discord  at 12:30pm.
    • The Showcase will start at 1:00PM, unless said otherwise
    • If it is 1:00PM and one or more members are not present, a 15min grace period will be given.
    • Once that 15min grace period is over, the match MUST begin with one or more members absent (1:15PM/13:15)
  • After the Match
    • Once the match is over, both team captains will need to take a photo/screenshot of the results and post it in the relevant Discord text channel with the following information:
      • Round: Game # – Team 1 | Score ratio | Team 2
      • EXAMPLE: Round 2: Game 4 – Red Team | 2:1 | Blue Team

More information and inquiries can be directed to @isdaDoughboy#4067, @ALPHA۝BLACK | AQTK#1783 or @2xDouble30#8012 via the Triton Esports Discord.