Group Photo of the UOG Triton's FPS team

Triton Esports place 2nd in the Latte Esports’ Valorant nationals tournament

On January 27, 2023, Latte Esports hosted a Valorant Nationals tournament, in which the Triton Esports Valorant team fell short of a first-place finish against the undefeated team Shoot Then. Despite not winning the tournament, the Triton Esports team exceeded all expectations, by placing second and proving that they can compete at a national level of gaming. The team’s coach, Darren Ulloa, said, “For a last-minute team, you guys did pretty well.”

Guam Nationals Valorant tournament is a competition organized by Latte Esports and the Guam Esports Federation, an organization that operates in the esports industry. The tournament was held to scout for potential players to represent Guam in the nationals’ stage for Valorant. Triton Esports has demonstrated their exceptional skills, teamwork, and strategic approach to the game by placing second in this tournament. Despite the short notice, the team rallied and entered the competition with a clear goal in mind: to demonstrate their exceptional skills and teamwork.

The UOG Triton Esports team has inspired gamers locally to pursue their passions and push the limits of what is possible in the world of esports. With more and more universities and colleges creating esports programs, the future of professional gaming is bright. The Triton Esports team is excited to continue representing the University of Guam and competing in future tournaments, both locally and internationally.