Triton Esports opens new season with robust membership growth

The University of Guam’s Triton Esports program presents a 40-person roster this season, reflecting a 60 percent increase from 25 participants last semester.

The program’s teams are experiencing robust growth, including League of Legends, formerly a team of six that now has 11 members. Valorant has more than doubled in team size from seven to 18, and Overwatch doubled from five to 10 members.

Triton Esports Manager Ken San Nicolas described the program’s transformative impact on some students

“We have had several athletes who were very quiet and introverted (and they) have really developed their communication skills and come out of their shell,” he said.

Each veteran esports athlete picks an internship role for the program.

This ranges from being a marketing assistant, web developer, production assistant, youth mentor, shout caster, PC builder, and more, he said.

The program also promotes physical and mental health and wellness, he said.

“Triton Esports is not about just gaming; it’s a holistic, skill-enriching experience that shapes well-rounded individuals,”

Ken San Nicolas.

Triton Esports is seeded seventh in the nation for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, San Nicolas said. For the other games, he added, “We hope to make our mark in these new divisions this semester.”

“From the frenzy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to the tactical brilliance of Valorant, the strategic depth of League of Legends, the excitement of Overwatch 2, the timeless allure of Chess, and the emergence of a brand-new Apex Legends team – there’s a game for every gaming aficionado,” San Nicolas said.

The program accepts applications from full-time UOG students. Membership and participation in collegiate competitions can be maintained in part by having a passing GPA.

Students who do not meet the criteria can still be a part of the team and practice and lessons, but they are unable to compete in the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).

For more information:

Email: Triton Esports Manager Ken San Nicolas,
Website: Students interested in being a part of the Esports team can apply at