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Triton Esports at the University of Guam: Leveling Up – New Faces, New Games and a Thriving collegiate community

The esports scene at the University of Guam has reached new heights this semester, with a record-breaking number of over 90 applicants for the latest tryouts. Triton Esports has not only expanded its roster size but also introduced new titles, making it the most comprehensive collegiate gaming program in the Marianas region.

Rapid Growth in Numbers

Last semester, Triton Esports had a sizeable roster with 35 athletes competing in 5 titles. However, the recent tryouts have propelled the program to another level, with a total of 70 athletes now distributed across 9 esports titles. This expansion includes the addition of two mobile games, Hearthstone and Mobile Legends Bang Bang, along with the inclusion of Rainbow 6 and Rocket League on the PC platform.

Top Collegiate Competitions

Triton Esports make its fifth straight showing in the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE). The teams will engage in competition against some of the top Division 1 university programs in the nation, spanning approximately 8 weeks of the semester. With a focus on teamwork, strategy, and skill, the Triton Esports athletes are gearing up to represent the University of Guam on the national stage. While the majority of teams at UOG play at a recreational pace (4-6 hours of practice a week), 3 of our teams have their goals set on winning their divisions and qualifying for national championships in their respective titles. These teams put roughly 15 hours of practice into their craft a week.

Community-Oriented Initiatives

In addition to their competitive endeavors, Triton Esports is committed to fostering a strong gaming community. The program is set to host various community-oriented leagues and competitions, specifically designed for the island. These events are entirely organized and operated by the talented athletes within the program, showcasing their esports industry-related skills and also their dedication to the local gaming community. Additionally, the Triton Esports After School Chess Program will continue on Thursdays beginning in mid-February.

FitGMR Partnership Allows for Quantitative Analysis of Intangible Benefits

Triton Esports is one of the scholastic partners of FitGMR, world renown esports training and coaching development provider. Through access to the FitGMR app and dashboard, athletes can input their daily water intake, sleep, physical activity, mental conditioning, and lifestyle. The app also tracks sentiment before and after the competition. Coaches in turn can track this data, providing valuable information for the University and individual students.

Gameplan Platform Allows a wealth of esports knowledge at each student’s fingertips

For the second semester in a row, UOG Triton Esports aims to utilize the gameplan platform. This web-based esports repository provides many lessons and classes with topics spanning not only game-specific training but also topics and skills related to various fields in the esports industry. UOG students are now able to learn the fundamentals of their favorite competitive esports titles as well as review educational information and lessons regarding topics like focus, health, communication, and even unreal engine programming. For more info visit

Stay Connected

For those eager to follow the Triton Esports journey, regular updates can be found on their social media pages. Additionally, for more in-depth information, visit their website at